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Virtual Central Lock Lite (Linux KVM)

TOSIBOX Virtual Central Lock Lite is a VCL with 5 VPN connection package included.
Free of charge to use , if additional connections are needed then we can offer the full version of VCL with up to 4000 VPN connections.

Three versions are available:
(1) Microsoft Hyper-V (*.vhxd)
(2) VMWare vSphere/ESXi (*.ova)
(3) Linux KVM (*.qcow2)

Supported device

Update information
Download the *.qcow2 file supported by Linux KVM.

Note! If you previously downloaded the software package from SmartStore, find the download link in submenu My account > My apps, when logged in!


General description

Version: 20200324
Release: 2020-03-24
Article: Virtual Central Lock Lite (Linux KVM)