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BCS Tools 3.20

BCS Tools, a complete tool for Beijer Electronics control offer including debugging, configuration, simulation and commissioning in one software. Based on CODESYS IEC 61131-3 programming with all editors (FBD, LD, IL, ST, SFC, CFC). BCS Tools offers full customization, object-oriented graphics and user-friendly programming, with enhanced editing-control integrating application program, fieldbus and process networks into a single interface.

Four different license levels available:
• Lite
• Basic
• Professional
• Advanced

Based on the license entered during the installation, BCS Tools will run in one of four license levels. Without entering a license key during installation, BCS Tools will run in "Lite" mode.
Please contact Beijer Electronics sales & order representatives to help you Where to buy.

Link to Software life cycle policies: Click here

Update information

Note! To use all features in BCS Tools 3.20 make sure to use
• BCS NEXTO CPU firmware for NX3003/NX3004/NX3005, for NX3010/NX3020/NX3030, for XP300/XP315/XP325/XP340 or later.
• Firmware versions older than 1.8.0.xx is not supported by BCS Tools 3.20.

Link to the latest Nexto Xpress firmware: click here
Link to the latest Nexto modular firmware: click here
Link to the description of BCS Nexto - CPU firmware update procedure: click here

Revision history - BCS Tools

Version 3.20
New Features:
• Added a new command called “Start PACTware” in “Tools” menu to call an Asset Management Tool.

• Fixed exception in Redundant NX3030 after project synchronization process;
• Fixed issue causing "Online Change" when opening project with WebVisualization object.

Version 3.19
New Features:
• Added option Refactoring in the menu Tools/Options;
• Added new Module Options on EtherNet/IP Module of EtherNet/IP Adapter: SInt Input Module x 124, SInt Output Module x 125, Int Input Module x 124, Int Output Module x 125, DInt Input Module x 124, DInt Output Module x 125, Real Input Module x 124 and Real Output Module x 125;
• Added support for MQTT_CLIENT Function Block (provided by LibMQTT), which allows the controller to publish/subscribe MQTTT messages;
• Added support for MSSQL_CLIENT Function Block (provided by LibSQLClient), which allows the controller to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server database;
• Added support to CAN termination parameter on the CPU device for XP300, XP315, XP325 and XP340;
• Added network configuration rules in XP300, XP315, XP325 and XP340 to prevent downloads with invalid configuration.

• Improvements in Project Update;
• Improvements in Project Wizard;
• Improvements in the project file creation;
• Improvements in NX3003 Integrated/IO Mapping;
• Improvements in texts for Portuguese Culture;
• Disabled Expansion Ethernet Interfaces and Redundancy network for Basic License;
• Fixed a problem was removing the Redundancy Configuration object while updating the project;
• Fixed a problem generating code without errors with NX4000 modules disconnected;
• Fixed problem creating unnecessary NX4000 modules;
• Fixed a crash in BCS Tools while updating some kind of redundant projects;
• Fixed a problem prevented project creation when BCS Tools International Settings was marked "Same as Microsoft Windows";
• Fixed issue that caused "Online Change" when opening project in specific situation;
• Fixed a crash in Ethernet/IP interface when configuring “AXL E EIP DI 16 M12 6P” device.

Version 3.18
New Features:
• Added support to XP340 PLC;
• Added option on the device IEC 60870-5-104 Server to receive a command in local time;
• Added option to the device IEC 60870-5-104 Server to send timestamps in local time;
• Added the command Refactoring in the menu Edit;
• Added new options of Baudrates for Nexto Xpress Serial (COM1): 2400 bps and 4800 bps;
• Added new elements for Visualization feature;
• Added a new object called Alarm Manager;
• Added a new object called Trend Recording Manager;
• Added a new object called Interface;
• Added CANopen Manager for XP300 and XP315;
• Added J1939 Manager and ECU for XP300, XP315, XP325 and XP340.

• Improvements in Help Files;
• Improvements in Import/Export CSV;
• Improvements in International Settings;
• Improvements in Project Update;
• Improvements in Project Wizard;
• Improvements in the project file creation;
• Improvements in MODBUS Server Mapping Screen;
• Improvements in Comparing Projects with PIDControl object;
• Improvements in texts for Portuguese Culture;
• Improvements in Fast Input configuration consistency;
• Improvements in PLCOpenXML Import command;
• Fixed SNTP period parameter in compiler warning to resolve “Implicit conversion from unsigned Type ‘USINT’ to signed Type ‘SINT’” error;
• Fixed problems to configure MODBUS in COM interfaces after selecting Normal Mode;
• Fixed a problem to send the project archive to PLC;
• Fixed a problem to show Security Screen in the previous versions;
• Fixed NX9020 description;
• Fixed an error when saving Recipes using REAL variables;
• Fixed call location at MainPrg of redundant applications;
• Fixed login with online change in Redundant Project;
• Fixed copy/paste for CANopen Remote Device;
• Changed the MainTask Interval to be triggered as a warning, no longer as an error for Xpress CPUs;
• Changed field name of the serial advanced parameter to "RS-485 Termination";
• Changed download archive size from 16 MB to 26 MB for XP300, XP315 and XP325;
• Added support in MODBUS Symbol drivers and IEC 60870-5-104 Server driver to variables from Function Blocks with EXTENDS directive;
• Added consistency when try to using a NX5100 with NX9020;
• Disabled clock settings in simulation mode;

Version 3.17
New Features:
• Added CANopen Slave Devices to XP300, XP315 and XP325.

• Improvements in Project Update;
• Improvements in the project file creation;
• Improvements in Help Files;
• Fixes in copy and paste commands in I/O Mapping;
• Fixes in Special Variables.

Version 3.16
New Features:
• Added Integrated Inputs and Outputs Mapping for CPU NX3003, XP300, XP315 and XP325;
• Added a new GVL called Special Variables including Pulsating Bits, Clock variables and Constants;
• Added Open Circuit Value in Integrated I/O Analog Inputs for CPU XP315 and XP325;
• Added information about modules installation in Help files;
• Protocol EtherNet/IP Scanner and Adapter allowed for all CPUs;
• Added the LibDataLogger library;
• Included CANopen Slave Devices (EDS).

• Improvements in NX5101 Modbus Mappings to align data according to the physical order;
• Improvements in Analog Output Configuration Page XP315 and XP325;
• Fixed error message in New Project Screen when trying to add I/O modules;
• Improvements in the English culture help files;
• Fixed I/O Simulation tool was not working for Integrated I/O in NX3003, XP300, XP315 and XP325;
• Limited the use of reserved words (“DigitalInputs”, “DigitalOutputs”, “FastInputs” and “FastOutputs”) in code generation for CPU NX3003, XP300, XP315 and XP325;
• Fixed the incompatibility of BCS Tools recent versions (3.14 and 3.15) related to parameterization error in the NJ6001.

Version 3.15
• Updated the compiler to fix a potential occurrence of exception when using Ethernet IP protocol.

Version 3.14
New Features:
• Included option "disabled" for open circuit value on 4-20mA inputs of NX6000 and NJ6000 modules, allowing reading of signals below 4mA (0 to 4mA).
• Included 4-20mA scale on modules NJ6001, NJ6005 and NJ6101, adding also an option to set the behavior of analog inputs on open circuit condition.
• Added "Login" Button to Easy Connection.
• Including a confirmation message before removing objects from the project.
• Added Right Click to open the product information web page in Configuration (Bus).

• Use Internet Explorer 11 to show the start web page (requires Internet Explorer 11 to be installed).
• Improvement to copy and paste on Modbus Symbol Server.
• Improved algorithm of the LibNextoPID with anti-reset windup and the automatic error recovery (ex: Gp < 0).
• Fixed the translation of the "Paste Contacts" submenu in the "FBD / LD / IL" menu.
• Fixed to always create a project with newest version of PLC.
• Fixed possible error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" after request export to CSV.
• Fixed the culture selection after open the "Clock Settings" dialog.
• Fixed the "Export Online Variables" command.
• Fixed error introduced on version 3.10 which may cause exception after a switchover of redundant PLC.
• Fixed error introduced on version 3.11 which results on exception when reading/writing to MODBUS mappings with variable size longer than 16 bits.
• Changed limits of Recipe Manager, keeping only the limit of 5.000 variables per Recipe Definition.
• Improved Help.

Version 3.13
• Changed the installer to solve some cases where the installation process results on error when running on outdated versions of Windows 7 and 8.1.

Note! If you previously downloaded the software package from SmartStore, find the download link in submenu My account > My apps, when logged in!

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General description

Version: 3.20.301.0
Release: 2020-01-15
Lifecycle policy: One year upgrade
Support status: NO SUPPORT
Article: BCS Tools 3.20