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BSD Drive sizer 1.1.7

BSD Drive sizer is a software to size and configure servo applications with BSD products

Update information
BSD Drive Sizer 1.1.7 new features:
1. BSD Drive Sizer now per default will choose from two families of gearboxes from South Korean supplier LSIS:
• SSO – Straight planetary economy model for motor power up to 1.5kW
• HSR – Straight planetary premium model for motor power up to 7.5kW

2. The user interface has been slightly improved with a more readable input/output-section on the ‘Results’-page.

3. Wittenstein LP-series is obsolete and cannot be selected, however it is still possible to use Wittenstein gearboxes from the CP family. To do so go to the ‘Settings’ menu and change the ‘GearBoxBrand’-filter to ‘Wittenstein’.

Note! If you previously downloaded the software package from SmartStore, find the download link in submenu My account > My apps, when logged in!


General description

Version: 1.1.7
Release: 2019-10-11
Article: BSD Drive sizer 1.1.7