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BCS Tools 3.03

BCS Tools, a complete tool for Beijer Electronics control offer including debugging, configuration, simulation and commissioning in one software. Based on CODESYS IEC 61131-3 programming with all editors (FBD, LD, IL, ST, SFC, CFC). BCS Tools offers full customization, object-oriented graphics and user-friendly programming, with enhanced editing-control integrating application program, fieldbus and process networks into a single interface.

Four different license levels available:
• Lite
• Basic
• Professional
• Advanced

Based on the license entered during the installation, BCS Tools will run in one of four license levels. Without entering a license key during installation, BCS Tools will run in "Lite" mode.
Please contact Beijer Electronics sales & order representatives to help you Where to buy.

Link to Software life cycle policies: Click here

Update information
Revision history - BCS Tools
Version 3.03
New Features
• Added Import Safety Project… and Delete Safety Objects Imported… commands in Project menu;
• Added Help files for EtherNet/IP in Portuguese Culture;
• Added support to Alarm Manager and Alarm Configuration;
• Added support to NX9020 rack.

• Improvements in EtherNet/IP;
• Improvements in Help files;
• Improvements for NX5100 projects;
• Improvements in Portuguese Culture Screens;
• The limit of the EtherCAT slave number was increased to 192.

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General description

Version: 3.03.300.0
Release: 2018-04-16
Lifecycle policy: One year upgrade
Support status: NO SUPPORT
Article: BCS Tools 3.03