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WARP Engineering Studio 1.10

This software will change the way you set up automation applications forever. WARP is a digital workplace that integrates HMI, control, drives and data communication technologies seamlessly at WARP speed.

The WARP installation includes all current device packages and Smart objects.

Update information
What's new in WARP 1.10

  • Improved workflow - by features such as editing during generate, zoom with mouse scroll, select multiple objects, improved drawing objects, copy and paste device objects, etc.

  • Support of new hardware devices - X2 control and X2 motion HMIs, iX PC runtime device, simplified port configuration with easy access to the serial and Ethernet port configuration of X2 control / motion, improved dialog for BFI inverters.

  • Upgraded Crevis IO support - with upgraded power consumption calculations, special modules without parameter setting in the property grid, IO slice number shown directly for actual module when moved to new position, etc.

  • Support of latest software - iX Developer 2.30, CODESYS 3.5 SP10 Patch 1, BCS Tools 3.02. In addition, WARP now offers a better overview of installed device and software packages by separate sections.

  • Restore points improvements - enabling users to add manual restore point triggers with own naming and comment text.

  • Shortcuts to online documentation - where each device in the product catalog now offers instant web access to documentation published in Help online. In addition, users can add own files to a project.

  • Other improvements - such as import of CODESYS and iX Developer customer projects to devices, several minor general improvements and bug fixes improving the overall user experience and quality.

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General description

Version: 1.10.575.0
Release: 2017-09-18
Lifecycle policy: One year upgrade
Support status: NO SUPPORT
Article: WARP Engineering Studio 1.10.575