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WebIQ 2.12.1 (32 bit)

WebIQ is the first 100% web based industrial HMI / SCADA toolbox from web HMI expert Smart HMI, which works like a CMS (Content Management System).

WebIQ allows the effortless creation of industrial web HMIs, web apps and dashboard apps without web programming knowledge. Connect your process via OPC UA. Create your solution visually with pre-defined widgets by using drag&drop. Configure access rights, alarms, historical data or recipes. Run your HMI in any web browser on a PC, touch panel or smart device, such as a tablet or a smartphone.

Note, license information!
Obtain a 30 day free WebIQ Developer license: click here

For a WebIQ Designer license or a WebIQ Runtime licenses.
Please contact Beijer Electronics sales & order representatives to help you Where to buy.

Read more about WebIQ features on the product section: click here
Tutorials how to install WebIQ Designer can be found here: click here

Update information
What's new in update version WebIQ 2.12.1 (32 bit):

Main Features
• New internal web server for browsing the current app directly from inside WebIQ Designer without publishing on
• Web browser cache time can now be configured in the System & License Manager and has been lowered from the default 24 hours to 60 seconds removing the need to empty the browser cache after updating the HMI.
• User, Listener and Log settings can now be configured from inside the WebIQ System & License Manager.
• Remote Manager now fully supports encrypted TLS connections.
• For floating licenses when a connection to the WebIQ License Server cannot be established (e.g. when a corporate firewall is blocking these requests) clearer error messages now indicate the reason so that it can be acted on accordingly.
• Improved the UI of the Overlay Keyboard.
• The timestamp from the OPC UA server can now be utilized instead of the WebIQ Server time.

WebIQ Designer
• WEBIQ-3412 Renamed "Manage WebIQ Development Server" window to "System Settings and License Management".
• WEBIQ-3368 Created a new configuration pattern for use in custom widgets: INPUT_JSON
• WEBIQ-3366 Remote Manager: when connecting to a server via an encrypted TLS connection if a self-signed or expired certificate is found a dialog will be shown allowing the user to accept or reject the certificate temporarily.
• WEBIQ-3355 New internal web server for browsing the current app directly from inside WebIQ Designer without requiring a publish.
• WEBIQ-3344 Remote Manager: now includes list of last used servers and easier input of host and port.
• WEBIQ-3342 Project List: Added display of tag and io handler counts for apps (only after first publish with this version).
• WEBIQ-3341 About Screen: Renamed 'items' to 'tags'.
• WEBIQ-3332 Project List: if an app was created or updated to a later version of WebIQ a clear message showing the minimum version required will now be shown.
• WEBIQ-3319 Composite widgets can now be duplicated (to create another independent instance).
• WEBIQ-3266 CSS Modifier Dialog: added search with autocomplete.
• WEBIQ-3042 IQ Alarm List/IQ Alarm Info: optimized configuration and wording in WebIQ Designer.
• WEBIQ-3389 Fix: Custom CSS: a '+' in the filename was not correctly escaped leading to such CSS files not being rendered by the browser.
• WEBIQ-3377 Fix: Widgets: when an item could be selected in a configuration pattern virtual items were not selectable anymore.
• WEBIQ-3364 Fix: Localizations inside label and unit texts used inside text widgets using the corresponding label and unit placeholders were not localized.
• WEBIQ-3338 Fix: When WebIQ Designer was directly connected to a remote server whose time was significantly different from the local time a license expiration window was shown with the wrong date/time.
• WEBIQ-3333 Fix: For large apps when deleting a large number of widgets simultaneously not all deletions were successful.
• WEBIQ-3330 Fix: Process Data Manager: when not applying modified data and following certain steps a non-closeable dialog was shown.
• WEBIQ-3329 Fix: When directly connecting to a remote server via the command line (ws-host) for editing an app that does not support parallel connections app downloads failed. (ctrlX)
• WEBIQ-3424 Fix: When the connection to the License Agent service was lost or the last installed license had been deleted the license recovery dialog was only displayed once leaving WebIQ Designer in a lingering state (error affected 2.11.4 only)

WebIQ Server
• WEBIQ-3411 Webbrowser cache time can now be configured in System & License Manager and has been lowered from 1 day to 60 seconds resolving cache clearing requirements after updating an app on the runtime.
• WEBIQ-3410 When a connection to the WebIQ License Server cannot be established a better message with more technical details is shown.
• WEBIQ-3352 Added support for OPC-UA ENUM data types (integer values only).
• WEBIQ-3340 The OPC UA IO Handler now reads and observes limits set by the OPC UA server and logs them to the log (low log level only).
• WEBIQ-3336 System & License Manager: now includes user, listener and log settings.
• WEBIQ-3335 System & License Manager: License Management now shows the number of currently available licenses for multi-user floating licenses.
• WEBIQ-3246 The timestamp from the OPC UA server can now be utilized instead of the WebIQ Server time (please read the documentation before using it).
• WEBIQ-3357 Fix: Possible crash when binary messages were received.
• WEBIQ-3328 Fix: Possible crash when the system awoke from hibernation or similar features affecting certain system time changes.
• WEBIQ-3309 Fix: When an invalid license key was entered no message was shown, only no result was returned.
• WEBIQ-3419 Fix: Master license keys were not handled correctly regarding their case. When the beginning of the key 'PC-' was entered as 'pc-' the verification failed.
• WEBIQ-3420 Fix: Fixed a crash when remotely connected with WebIQ Designer to a WebIQ Server instance with a floating license on Linux.
• WEBIQ-3421 Fix: System & License Manager: When setting the log level to certain values the values were applied but not shown anymore when opening the settings dialog again.

WebIQ Visuals
• WEBIQ-3356 UI Action 'write-item-bitmask' now also offers toggling via XOR.
• WEBIQ-3324 LocalScripts/Custom Widgets: the methods shmi.onReady, onActive, onEnable now return an object that can be used to cancel any pending listeners when the LocalScript is unloaded.
• WEBIQ-3317 IQ Responsive Menu: the mobile menu now behaves according to the direction (left/right).
• WEBIQ-3293 Overlay Keyboard: Improved UI and UX for better handling.
• WEBIQ-3262 User Widgets: now users with the group 'admin' can be excluded from the display.
• WEBIQ-3372 Fix: IQ Radial Gauge: with a gradient background for the indicator or background line in newer versions of browsers a JavaScript error occurred possibly stopping the JavaScript execution in the browser.

Tested platforms and HW: Windows 10

Link to Software life cycle policies: Click here

Note! If you previously downloaded the software package from SmartStore, find the download link in submenu My account > My apps, when logged in!

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General description

Version: 2.12.1
Release: 2022-07-19
Lifecycle policy: Evergreen
Support status: NO SUPPORT
Article: WebIQ 2.12.1 (32 bit)