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WebIQ 2.10.3 (64 bit)

WebIQ is the first 100% web based industrial HMI / SCADA toolbox from web HMI expert Smart HMI, which works like a CMS (Content Management System).

WebIQ allows the effortless creation of industrial web HMIs, web apps and dashboard apps without web programming knowledge. Connect your process via OPC UA. Create your solution visually with pre-defined widgets by using drag&drop. Configure access rights, alarms, historical data or recipes. Run your HMI in any web browser on a PC, touch panel or smart device, such as a tablet or a smartphone.

Note, license information!
Obtain a 30 day free WebIQ Developer license: click here

For a WebIQ Designer license or a WebIQ Runtime licenses.
Please contact Beijer Electronics sales & order representatives to help you Where to buy.

Read more about WebIQ features on the product section: click here
Tutorials how to install WebIQ Designer can be found here: click here

Update information
What's new in version WebIQ 2.10.3 (64 bit):
• This release has new features as well as bug fixes and updates.

• WebIQ Server
• Fix: Recipe Capture did not always log the correct versioning data
• Fix: When the server sent a huge number of data packets within a short interval the websocket connection might have been closed on the server side

Tested platforms and HW: Windows 10

Link to Software life cycle policies: Click here

Note! If you previously downloaded the software package from SmartStore, find the download link in submenu My account > My apps, when logged in!

Related documents
WebIQ PIdoc_2021-12-06.pdf


General description

Version: 2.10.3
Release: 2021-12-06
Lifecycle policy: Evergreen
Support status: NO SUPPORT
Article: WebIQ 2.10.3 (64 bit)