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BFI Tools Mobile 1.37.1036

Download BFI Tools Mobile app from Google Play or App Store, see links below.

BFI Tools Mobile from Beijer Electronics is an intuitive and easy-to-use Smartphone App which provides wireless configuration and monitoring of the BFI product range. Wireless operation is carried out via Bluetooth BLE and is available on any BFI when the Smartstick is plugged into a drive or a drive network.

PARAMETER TRANSFER Monitor and edit individual BFI parameters in real-time or transfer complete parameter sets between a BFI and the Smartphone. Parameter sets can be sent and received via Email and are fully compatible with BFI Tools Studio PC software.

BFI MONITOR AND CONTROL Monitor drive status, motor speed, motor current and motor power in real-time. When unlocked, the user can adjust motor speed, start the drive, stop the drive and reset trips from the Smartphone App.

Update information
The latest version of BFI-Tools Mobile together with the bluetooth device BFI-Smartstick is now available for configuring, status reading, upgrading and also testrunning.

1: Power up any BFI Frequency inverter from Beijer Electronics

2: Just plug a Bluetooth communication device into the BFI

3: Download BFI Tools Mobile from App Store or Google Play.

4: Start your BFI Tools Mobile, Connect and Use.

Download BFI Tools Mobile app (from App Store): click here

Download BFI Tools Mobile app (from Google Play): click here


General description

Version: 1.37.1036
Release: 2021-02-16