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Inverter control - WARP Device Package

BFI inverter control example. A quick start of applications with support for Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and EtherCAT interface. Contains basic functionality as well as some extended functions.

[Supported device]:
iX HMI SoftControl , TxA-SC ( T4A-SC / T7A-SC / T10A-SC )
iX HMI SoftControl , TxB-SC ( T7B-SC / T12B-SC / T15B-SC )
iX HMI SoftMotion , TxB-SM ( T7B-SM / T12B-SM / T15B-SM )

Update information
Update and corrections.
Released with WARP 1.20.


General description

Release: 2020-05-05
Article: Inverter control (WDP)