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Setting up projects for Energy Meter

This example explains how to set up a Beijer PLC system whit BCS Tools for Modbus communication with the WAGO energy meter. Target device: BCS-Nexto PLC and X2 series HMI

Update information
Together with BCS Tools application for the Nexto PLC we provide an iX Developer example to display these data on a HMI.

Version history
• Package V1.0.0 is the first released version (2022-12-30)

Developed and supported for:
• BCS Tools 3.34 or later
• Nexto Xpress 325 (Firmware version Note, the CODESYS library can work with any BCS Nexto Xpress (XP-CPU) or Nexto Modular (NX-CPU) and X2 control devices
• iX Developer 2.40 SP7
• X2 series HMI

Package file:
The zip file contains a BCS Tools application, CODESYS library, iX sample project and a quick start guide together with files for tags and mapping etc.:
• SER0033_BCS_GVL_IO.csv
• SER0033_BCS_ModbusMapping.csv
• SER0033_BCS-Nexto_EnergyMeter.compiled-library (CODEYS library)
• SER0033_BCS-Nexto_EnergyMeter_V1.0.0.0.projectarchive (BCS Tools application)
• SER0033_QS_Setting up a project for Energy Meter_V1.0.0-EN.pdf
• (iX application)
• SER0033_WAGOEnergyMeterIHMTags.xls

Note! If you previously downloaded the package file from SmartStore, find the download link in submenu My account > My apps, when logged in!

Related documents
SER0033_QS_Setting up a project for Energy Meter_V1.0.0-EN.pdf


General description

Version: 1.0.0
Release: 2022-12-30
Article: SER-0033