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SoftMotion lite with X2 control - CODESYS library

A feature-rich library giving the user a simple way to control Beijer L7NH servos over an EtherCAT network.

Update information
This library aims to make Beijer Electronics servos and their use easily accessible to everyone. The user needs no servo/motion or EtherCAT knowledge. The intuitive FB’s allow the servo to be controlled in non-synchronised motion. FBs allow absolute and relative positioning, speed-based moves, torque-based moves, Touch probe interaction, drive I/O interaction and homing.

Use is limited to X2 Control hardware and Beijer L7NH servo drives.

Version history
• Package V1.0.7 is the first released version (2020-12-10)
• Package V1.0.9 Improved by adding a bump-homing function block (and documentation) and expanded the touchprobe documentation.
• Package V1.1.4 new features:
- Ability to change the servo direction parameter within the drive.
- Ability to change the DIN5 function to ‘Touchprobe’ simplifying the use of the fbdTouchProbe and fbdInterruptFeeding function blocks.
- Usability improvements
Note, the latest version replaces previous packages!

Developed and supported for:
• CODESYS 3.5 SP13 patch 3
• X2 Control and BSD-L7NH (FW1.02)

Package file:
The zip file contains a library file and a quick start guide.
• SER0018_V1.1.4_ SoftMotionLiteForX2Control.compiled-library
• SER0018_QS_SoftMotionLiteForX2Control_ V1.1.4-EN.pdf
• Using the point to point library.mp4

Free for United Extended level and above.
Read more about the UNITED partner program: click here

Note! If you previously downloaded the package file from SmartStore, find the download link in submenu My account > My apps, when logged in!

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General description

Version: 1.1.4
Release: 2022-10-19
Article: SER-0018