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NMEA 0183 listener - CODESYS library

These libraries and examples explain how to install and setup the NMEA0183 listener smart object in BCS Tools/CODESYS using control systems from Beijer Electronics. Follow the quick start guide to complete the setup of actual hardware. Target device:
• X2 marine SC, X2 control, X2 extreme SC or BoX2 SC variants
• Nexto Xpress (XP-CPU) or Nexto modular PLC (NX-CPU)

Update information
NMEA 0183 is a standard for communicating with marine electronic devices, typically over a serial port. For example this is used for receiving NMEA sentences from a GPS device.

Version history
Package V1.0.2 improved template performance of importing data and error handling.
New features added NMEA messages:
• MDA - Meteorological Composite.
• APB - Autopilot Sentence 'B'.
• EBF – Alphatron River Pilot mode.
Package V1.0.0 is the first released version (2022-01-07).
Following NMEA messages are supported in this package:
• DBT - Depth Below Transducer
• GGA - Global Positioning System Fixed Data
• GLL - Geographic Position - Latitude/Longitude
• HDT - Heading - True
• MWV - Wind Speed and Angle
• RMC - Recommended Minimum Specific GNSS Data
• ROT - Rate of Turn
• RSA - Rudder Sensor Angle
• VHW - Water Speed and Heading

Developed and supported for:
• BCS Tools 3.34 or later
• X2 marine SC, X2 control, X2 extreme SC or BoX2 SC variants
• BCS Nexto Xpress (XP-CPU) or Nexto modular PLC (NX-CPU)

Package file:
The zip file contains the compiled libraries, example projects and a quick start guide:
• SER0058_V1.0.2_NEMA0183ListenerX2.compiled-library
• SER0058_V1.0.2_NEMA0183ListenerNexto.compiled-library
• SER0058_V1.0.2_NEMA0183ListenerX2.projectarchive
• SER0058_V1.0.2_NEMA0183ListenerXP340.projectarchive
• SER0058_V1.0.2_NEMA0183ListenerNX3010.projectarchive
• SER0058_QS_NEMA0183Listener_V1.0.2-EN.pdf

Free for United Extended level and above.
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General description

Version: 1.0.2
Release: 2022-06-22
Article: SER-0058