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FTP Client - iX sample

A sample project that explains how to use a library OpenNETCF to connect to a FTP server.
Target device: X2 series, iX PC RT (iX Runtime)

Update information
An implementation of a FTP client utilizing the OpenNETCF FTP library to interact with an FTP server. OpenNetCF is an open source project, so the sources as well as the compiled DLL are distributed together with the iX sample project.

It implements connect, disconnect, create a directory, delete a directory, change the working directory, upload a file, download a file, rename a file on the server, get file list, etc. You can get the Connected, Disconnected, CommandSent, and ResponseReceived events to handle your business logic.

Version history
• Package V1.1.3 Quick Start update regarding Active (PORT-mode) vs. Passive (PASV-mode) FTP.
• Package V1.1.2 is the first released version (2021-12-06).

Developed and supported for:
• iX Developer 2.40 SP5 / SP6
• X2 series and iX PC RT (iX Runtime)

Package file:
The zip file contains a iX sample project a OpenNetCF source project and a quick start guide:
• (iX application)
• SER0011_QS_iX_Sample_FTPClient_V1.1.3-EN.pdf

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General description

Version: 1.1.3
Release: 2021-12-22
Article: SER-0011