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X2 to BFI by Modbus RTU - iX script module

An iX script module and a couple of screens that show how to connect a Beijer X2 panel to a Beijer Frequency Inverter (BFI) via Modbus RTU.

Target device: X2 base/pro/marine/control/extreme series

Update information
This is an iX Developer example project that has the whole communication setup prepared between an X2 HMI device <-> BFI inverter. Utilizing index addressing one can connect, configure and control multiple BFI inverters. The projects show how to read and write parameters, show the state of the digital and analog inputs and some more drive information and help.

Version history
• Package V1.0.0 is the first released version (2022-01-31)

Developed and supported for:
• iX Developer 2.40 SP5 / SP6
• X2 series devices (X2 base/pro/marine/control/extreme)
• BFI-E3, BFI-H3 and BFI-P2 inverters

Package file:
The zip file contains a iX sample project, example data and a quick start guide:
• (iX application)
• SER0051_QS_ iX to BFI ModBusRTU_V1.0.0-EN.pdf

Note! If you previously downloaded the package file from SmartStore, find the download link in submenu My account > My apps, when logged in!

Related documents
SER0051_QS_ iX to BFI ModBusRTU_V1.0.0-EN.pdf


General description

Version: 1.0.0
Release: 2022-01-31
Article: SER-0051