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Nexto Xpress ver

Supported HW: All models of Nexto Xpress

Nexto Xpress compact controllers with embedded IOs are the perfect match for smaller and medium sized control applications.

Update information
BCS Nexto Xpress - CPU Firmware version (08/02/2024)

The package contains binary files for BCS-XP300, BCS-XP315, BCS-XP325, BCS-XP340 and BCS-XP350.
Attached revision history and links for the update procedure and transition version.

• Support for BCS Tools 3.61.
• Included support for FTP.
• Improvements on System Web Page.
• Improved firmware update time.
• Removed restriction of local network to perform a firmware update, now allowing to execute this operation remotely.
• Limited the maximum number of OPC UA Server sessions to 50.
• Improvement in the backup of retentive data of the Application.
• Fixed an issue that could make the current Application of the device not to be erased when transferring a new Application through the USB.
• Fixed a problem where the Ethernet port could stop to work on high traffic scenario.
• Fixed an incompatibility between USB Ethernet Adapter and VPN.
• Fixed an issue where it was not possible to create a user (User Management)

IMPORTANT - This update requires the controller running on firmware version or greater, due to new firmware update file format.

Link to transition version Click here
Link to firmware update procedure: Click here

Link to Software life cycle policies: Click here

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General description

Release: 2024-02-08
Lifecycle policy: One year upgrade
Support status: Full support
Article: Nexto Xpress ver