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Nexto NX3008 ver

Supported HW: NX3008

High-speed CPU with built-in power supply, full connectivity. Classic modular control with innovative CODESYS software.

Update information
BCS Nexto modular - CPU Firmware version (05/09/2023)

The package contains binary files for BCS-NX3008.
Attached revision history and links for the update procedure and transition version.

• Support for BCS Tools 3.52.
• New graphical design of System Web Page.
• Included support on System Web Page to set the PLC clock (time/date).
• Removed the requirement of PLC in STOP to perform a firmware update (now it will stop automatically).
• Included support to allow changing the Default Gateway of a network interface through SysSockSetDefaultGateway.
• Included support to identify the device through the "wink" command on programming tool.
• Improvement on the MQTT to support multi-level topics wildcard (‘#’).
• Included support for IEC 104 Server protocol (requires BCS Tools 3.52 or greater).
• Included support to SNMP
• Fixed a problem that could potentially make the CPU fail to start after a power-on.
• Limited the speed of NET2 and NET3 to 10/100Mbps

Link to firmware update procedure: Click here

Link to Software life cycle policies: Click here

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General description

Release: 2023-09-05
Lifecycle policy: One year upgrade
Support status: Limited support (ends 2025-02-08)
Article: Nexto NX3008 ver