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GL-997x PIO ver 2.007

Supported HW: GL9971 / GL9972 / GL9973 / GL9974 / GL9975

Beijer G-series Programmable IO (PIO) offer integrated IEC 61131-3 PLC functionality, with non-volatile memory, built-in network adapter, up to 63 expansion slices, Modbus TCP / RTU and Webvisu.

Update information
GL-997x Programmable IO CODESYS controller - CPU Firmware version 2.007 (2023-01-11).
The package contains binary files, device description files and release notes (V2).

To update the firmware of a device follow the procedure described about IAP mode attached.

FW file Rev incl CODESYS RT
Use together with CODESYS V3.5 SP11 Patch 3 (recommended)

Link to Software life cycle policies: Click here

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Related documents
Release Notes for PIO Beijer(V1-V2)_Rev2007.pdf
Update firmware of Beijer Programmable IO (Rev.3).pdf


General description

Version: 2.007
Release: 2023-01-11
Lifecycle policy: One year upgrade
Support status: Full support
Article: GL-997x PIO ver 2.007