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NEXTO - WARP Device Package

Stock level:
Update information
• The package requires BCS Tools 3.20 or later version, available from SmartStore.

• Supports BCS-NEXTO CPUs and NEXTO Xpress compact controllers including XP340.

• Note, reminder to adjust the External tools path to BCS Tools 3.20 version:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Beijer Electronics\BCS Tools 3.20\BCS Tools 3.20\Common\MT8500.exe

BCS-Nexto, Modular PLCs:
• BCS-NX3003, BCS-NX3004, BCS-NX3005, BCS-NX3010, BCS-NX3020, BCS-NX3030

NEXTO Xpress, Compact controllers:
• BCS-XP300, BCS-XP315, BCS-XP325
• BCS-XP340 (new)


General description

Release: 2020-03-12
Article: NEXTO - WDP